We protect you from invalid activity and advertising fraud

We work hard to get you real results from advertising.

Advertisers, agencies, and publishers (including app developers and YouTube creators) all rely on advertising to help them reach new customers, grow their businesses, and earn a living. With so much at stake, it's important that the system works right. That's why we've developed powerful processes and invested in technology and an entire team of experts, to protect our customers and remove invalid activity and advertising fraud from our systems.

What is invalid activity?

In a nutshell, it's any interaction that doesn't come from real people with real interest in an ad. Some invalid traffic is accidental, like when a badly placed ad gets in the way of something the user is trying to click. Some is deliberate, like botnets or other advertisers who click on ads to waste their competitors' budgets.

How does Google stop invalid activity?

We use live reviewers, automatic filters, machine learning, and deep research to block as much invalid and fraudulent activity as possible.

Our global team of over a hundred PhDs, data scientists, engineers, and researchers constantly monitors and analyzes traffic to prevent advertisers from paying for invalid clicks, impressions, views, or interactions, and stops publishers from generating invalid activity from receiving undeserved advertising income.

Our automated detection systems use machine learning and complex algorithms to protect our partners and keep our ad platforms clean.

We manually review suspected cases of invalid activity that weren't stopped by our automated systems. Whenever we find unusual traffic, or an advertiser or publisher raises a valid concern, our team investigates the data and makes a decision or creates a new filter.

Our team uses advanced research to uncover sources of non-human traffic and develop solutions to keep them from entering our networks and platforms.

How can you prevent invalid activity?

We work hard to protect you from invalid activity and advertising fraud, but there are things you can do to help. The first step is to learn how to monitor the performance of your ads and content. Next, you can take action to avoid creating invalid activity on your account and prevent people from taking advantage of you.